We're a Concrete Patio Contractor in the Salt Lake Area

We've been building new concrete patios, and tearing out and replacing old concrete patios since 1997 and we'd love to help you out!

Westar Construction has done a wide variety of custom, high-end patios and brings an extensive knowledge of code requirements, feasibility and usability, as well as aesthetic artistry to all of our projects. It is simply not possible to have higher quality concrete work installed. 

What are some benefits of having a new patio?

A patio can be a wonderful place to gather outdoors with family and friends. Patios are virtually maintenance free and can provide you with decades of enjoyment, whether you are using your patio as a seating area, an outdoor cooking area, or a combination of both.

Can you provide me with a ballpark estimate of how much it would cost to have you pour a patio?

Typical patio Costs range from $13 a square foot for broom finished concrete, to $20 per square foot for stamped concrete. Factors such as access, demolition, and other site conditions can affect pricing as well.

Can you do stamped and decorative patios?

Absolutely! We offer stamped and dyed concrete services to our customers. This is a wonderful way to take add beauty and style to your patio, as well as to your yard.

We have a substantial amount of stamped concrete experience. We’ve even stamped concrete on projects featured in Utah’s “Home Show”, as well as historic preservation sites.

Approximately how long does it typically take for you to pour a patio?

Typical patio project duration is 2-5 days, depending on size.

Approximately how many years can a high quality patio be expected to last?

A high quality patio can be expected to last between 25-50 years.

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