We Build Detached Garages in the Salt Lake Valley

Why hire us to make all your dreams of having a detached garage come true? We do all of our own concrete work inhouse, which allows us to ensure that the project is off to a great start from a scheduling and quality perspective. Concrete work is literally the foundation of any project and its extremely important to have proper elevations, layout, and floor plan to ensure that customers are getting quality. When hiring us, you can expect the quality of your detached garage to meet or even exceed the quality of your existing home.


Mistakes that happen in other trades are often fixable with minor changes that won’t effect project quality - but with concrete it is literally there for a lifetime and any problems will affect the rest of the build and usability of the garage.  We'll get it right the first time, every time!

Will adding a detached garage add value to my home?

Detached garages add massive value and desire to your home and are relatively rare from a Real Estate perspective.

What are some of the things that people tend to use their detached garage for?

A Detached Garage is a great way to free up space in your primary garage and is very customizable.

If you’re a gearhead you can add oil change pits and lifts to the garage to make your projects vehicles that much more enjoyable to work on.

If gardening and yard work are your passion then you can add separate areas for storing your lawn maintenance/garden equipment and you can add living spaces or lofts above the garage for home offices, apartments, work-out areas, etc.

And sometimes it’s just a matter of having additional storage so you can get rid of that storage unit you’ve had for 10 years or stop paying to store your boats and other toys offsite.

Can you provide me with a ballpark estimate of how much it would cost to have you build a detached garage on my property?

A standard detached Garage will typically run about $125-$150 per square foot.

Factors that will increase the cost are radiant tubing, heating or cooling, lofts, living spaces, custom doors, cabinetry, custom lighting (large LED lights), lifts, pits, or any other custom features.

How do you typically construct a detached garage?

Typical Detached Garages are built out of the same materials as homes, meaning a concrete foundation and floor, 2x6 wood walls, OSB or Plywood sheathing, Asphalt Shingle roof, and siding options to match the home’s exterior.

On the interior some customers elect to just leave a bare wood “unfinished” look and complete the interior finish (electrical, insulation, drywall) at a later date.

We also have lots of experience in foundations that require the level of accuracy necessary to install prefab steel structures and can even erect those structures in house.

Approximately how long does it typically take for you to finish a detached garage?

A detached garage typically takes between 6-10 months depending on the type of finish involved.

Will you help me obtain a permit from my city?

Yes, we have extensive experience in dealing with city building departments and can even do some basic design work in house to help speed the process along.