New Custom Home Construction in the Salt Lake Valley

Why should someone consider hiring Westar Construction to build their new home? We have over 25 years of building experience!

Westar Construction provides all our own excavation, compaction, and concrete work in house. This gives us a scheduling advantage over our competitors because your project won’t be stalled waiting for sub-contractors to get the process rolling. Additionally, our concrete work is top quality and reflects a commitment to accuracy that will make the rest of the Home’s construction seamless and safe.

What advantages does going with a small family-owned custom home builder like Westar Construction provide, versus going with a large corporate home builder that cranks homes out?

We have a much greater capacity to maintain quality on our projects than larger, more profit driven home builders.

No disrespect intended, but a lot of these large home builders have their projects being supervised by very new & inexperienced workers or not at all! At Westar Construction, we pride ourselves on checking in on our projects every day, and verifying all subcontractor work before moving onto the next phase of a project.

Is it significantly more expensive to have a custom home built versus buying a “spec” home?

The cost is not significantly higher so long as the finishes are comparable.

We can typically build a higher quality home with the same finishes for a similar cost. A lot of track homes that are sold are on land that is also developed by the home builders and the small lots & density of the homes is typically where these builders are making their money.

If the large home builders were to build a single home on a pre-existing lot, they would not likely be able to build that home for cheaper than a smaller custom home builder. 

Approximately how long does it typically take you to build a new home, from start to finish.

A typical custom home build is between 1 and 1.5 years depending on size, finishes, and design complexity.

Do you offer any type of warranty on the homes that you build?

We offer a 1 year warranty on all our projects, which covers any defective workmanship.