We finish Basements in the Salt Lake Valley

Why should someone consider hiring Westar Construction to finish their basement? We pride ourselves on performing high quality work at a very efficient pace. Our typical basement finish takes between 2-6 months from permit issuance, depending on the type of layout desired.

We bring extensive residential building knowledge to all our projects and maintain clear communication with our home owners and subcontractors. This approach ensures that everyone is on the same page and no one is left in the dark.

Additionally, we don’t leave contractors unattended on any of our job sites and we check on each of our projects daily so we can head off any problems before they become of greater concern or impact. We are also reachable 24/7 for any emergencies that arise.

Will finishing my basement add value to my home?

Finished basement space can easily add between $100-$200 per Sq. Ft. to your home's value, making it one of the most cost effective ways to increase your home’s value.

What kind of added functionality can I expect to get out of my home by finishing the basement?

Whether it be more room for your family, a separate space to rent out and generate income, or a custom theater room - finishing your basement will make your home life that much more enjoyable & profitable.

Can you provide me with a ballpark estimate of how much it would cost to have you finish my basement?

The cost for a typical basement finish will range between $50-$70 per square foot for a basement with a bathroom.

Kitchens, Custom Cabinetry, and specialty rooms can further increase the cost, but serve to increase the overall value and functionality of the basement.

Is it possible for you to add a walk-out to an existing basement that doesn’t currently have one?

Absolutely! We can typically accomplish this by enlarging an existing window opening, which allows for adding a doorway without modifying the structure beyond simple removal of the existing concrete beneath the window.

Can you help me turn my basement into an apartment?

Yes! Doing so is a great way to generate income for your family and create some breathing room in your budget. And for the right buyer, duplexes are very desirable as it’s a dual income rental property.

Will you help me obtain a permit from my city?

Yes, we have extensive experience in dealing with city building departments and can even do some basic design work in house to help speed the process along.