Basement Walkouts in the Salt Lake Valley

At Westar Construction, we know concrete work: footings, retaining walls, flatwork - all the elements that are necessary to make your outside entrance a reality.

We also know and implement the proper curing times before backfilling, so the structural integrity of your walkout won’t be compromised by adding load to the retaining walls before they're strong enough to hold that load.

Since we’re also a General Contractor, we understand all the elements that are necessary to seamlessly add an outside entrance to any basement.

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Will adding a basement walk-out add value to my home?

An outside entrance allows for the business or rental access that doesn’t interfere with the inhabitants of the main home. So whether you’re starting a home business in your basement or renting out a basement, an outside entrance is an excellent way to create a division between the main home and the basement. And duplexes are very desirable rental properties to investment buyers.

What is the approximate cost of adding a walkout to my basement?

A typical outside entrance costs between $15k-$25k dollars, with the size, design, access, and complexity, and interior finishes being the variables that affect pricing.

How long does it typically take to create a walkout?

A typical outside entrance or basement walk out takes approximately 1 month to complete.