Home Additions in the Salt Lake Valley

Why should someone consider hiring Westar Construction for their home addition? Westar Construction provides all our own excavation, compaction, and concrete work in house.

This gives us a scheduling advantage over our competitors because your project won’t be stalled waiting for sub-contractors to get the process rolling.

Additionally, our concrete work is top quality and reflects a commitment to accuracy that will make the rest of the addition's construction accurate and safe.

Our home additions stand out because we strive to consider the character of the home and help our customers select finishes that make the home addition seem like it was part of the original home's design. We offer top quality work at fair prices.

Will a home addition add value to my home?

Additions add an incredible amount of value to your home, with the additions in some areas easily adding as much as $300-$400 a square foot to a homes value.

What are some of the things that people tend to use their home addition for?

A lot of people who are considering a home addition simply want more space without sacrificing their excellent mortgage rate or the neighborhood that they love.

The most common uses for a home addition are: attached garages, theater rooms, enlarged kitchen & living areas, and more bedrooms or bathrooms.

Can you provide me with a ballpark estimate of how much it would cost to have you do an addition on my home?

Home additions vary in their desired use and outcome, but a budgetary number is typically between $175 Sq. Ft. to $300 per Sq. Ft. These numbers depend on size, structural requirements, finishes, and custom elements.

Approximately how long does it typically take for you to complete an addition?

Most Home Additions take between 8-12 months.

Will you help me obtain a permit from my city?

Yes, we are experienced in working with the city and obtaining the required plans/permits to move the project forward.