We're a Concrete Driveway Contractor in the Salt Lake Area

We've been building new concrete driveways, and tearing out and replacing old concrete driveways since 1997 and we'd love to help you out!

Concrete has been one of the primary focuses of our company for many, many years, and we have superior knowledge and skill in the concrete industry.

Good concrete work requires a lot more than just being able to make a job look good for a few years - it's got to LAST, which is what many of our competitors seem to struggle with.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers beautiful work that is also durable and dependable. We ensure that all subgrades are properly prepared and compacted, from there we use only the highest quality concrete mixes to guarantee a project's longevity.

Lastly, we make sure that the concrete is finished properly and ready to last decades.

Will a new driveway add curb appeal to my home?

A new driveway is one of the best ways to increase the curb appeal of your home. New concrete elevates the aesthetic of  the whole exterior of any home.

Can you provide me with a ballpark estimate of how much it would cost to have you tear out my old driveway and replace it with a new one?

A typical Driveway costs run between $12-$18 per Sq. Ft., depending on site conditions, access, products, design, and finish.

Can you do stamped and decorative driveways?

We happily offer stamped and dyed concrete services to our customers. This is a wonderful way to take add beauty and style to your driveway.

Is it possible for you to add radiant heating to a new driveway?

We have provided many slabs for customers that have hydronic tubing (radiant heat) poured in and have a lot of experience with the unique requirements of these slabs (insulation, reinforcement, thickness, etc.). Say goodbye to shoveling snow!

Approximately how long does it typically take for you to replace a driveway?

A typical driveway replacement can be completed within 1 week, if not faster.

Approximately how many years can a high quality driveway be expected to last?

A high quality driveway should last 25-50 years.

What are the potential downsides/hazards of having a worn out driveway?

Driveways that are spalling (surface peeling) aren’t visually appealing and are a safety hazard for walking on or riding scooters & skateboards on. Driveways that are shifting, heaving and settling can create tripping hazards and make snow removal much more difficult. Driveways with extensive cracking also tend to allow a lot more weeds to come through.

Can a driveway be torn out and replaced any time of year, or are certain seasons better than others?

We generally do not advise our residential clients to have concrete work performed in the winter months besides structural concrete and floors that will be covered, such as basement or addition floor slabs. The reason for this is that thermal blankets are typically necessary for work done in the cold outdoors, and may affect the look of concrete work. Additionally, cold temperatures can hinder concrete’s ability to cure properly, resulting in a weaker concrete slab.

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