A sampling of the many projects we’ve worked on

Concrete Driveway Replacement – Farmington, UT.
Sample of a standard driveway replacement. Really transformed the appearance of this home!
Concrete Driveway Replacement – MillCreek, UT.
Standard driveway replacement with saw-cut joints.Still wet from the saw-cutting process.
Patio with Monolithic Steps – Saratoga Springs, UT.
Sample of a patio with slight curve and curved steps. Functional with some flair.
Sloped Driveway Addition – SLC, UT.
Sample of a driveway addition with a difficult degree of slope. It was a challenge, but we made it work.
Outside Entrance – Bluffdale, UT.
We provided concrete retaining walls, concrete ramp/steps, concrete flatwork, and the colored retaining block. Beautiful backyard.
Commercial Concrete Paving – Murray, UT.
Area was a challenge with little elevation difference from the building to sidewalk. We placed a waterway and now it drains great!
Thomas S. Monson Center – Downtown SLC, UT.
Decorative curved retaining walls with built in lighting: what a challenge! We are rather proud of how this area turned out.
Outside Entrance – SLC, UT.
Addition of an outside entrance to an existing basement by saw-cutting a window well, pouring walls, steps, landing and sidewalk.
Patio, Retaining Wall, RV PAD, and Driveway Extension- Saratoga Springs, UT.
Larger Residential Project to completely transform a large portion of this client’s yard. Large jobs should never mean lower quality!
ADA Commercial Entrance – Layton, UT.
Poured architectural walls, stairs, ADA ramp, and ADA sidewalk. Proud of how this one turned out.
Residential Basement Addition – Millcreek, UT.
Poured Footings, walls, and floor(not pictured here). Project also consisted of an outside entrance, patio, and partial driveway replacement
New Driveway – Park City, UT.
New Driveway with Slicked Edges/Joints.
Garage Foundation – Bluffdale, UT.
Standard frost protected foundation. We also poured the floor and a large driveway for this project.
Home Foundation – Millcreek, UT.
Large home foundation with a 33 ft. high wall. This is the sample of how our foundations look. Straight and smooth.
Decorative Patio – Millcreek, UT.
Curvy patio with a monolithic curb.
Commercial Building Addition – SLC, UT.
We provided footings, foundation, floor, and concrete paving with saw-cuts.
Gas Station Pad – Payson, UT.
Large gas station pad with rough broom finish and saw-cut control joints.